About One76


One76 is an artist development hub, for unconventional learning, growth and creative expression.

We teach, we inspire and we have the space and gear for almost any creative project.

We cater for emerging digital artists and freelancers, through to entrepreneurs and brands to produce meaningful content and generate new opportunities.

We’ve curated the equipment, space, mentors and partners to establish the Gold Coast’s home for digital artists.


Above & Beyond

We don’t just provide the tools, we go deeper to offer creative inspiration, industry connections, and an incomparable, all-inclusive experience every time.

Big Dreamers

One76 promotes individual expression and pushing the boundaries to creation. We’re here for the big dreamers who are willing to take a risk and steer away from the 9-5.

Win-Win Approach

We don’t just house creatives, we join forces and collaborate with brands, businesses and artists all over, for events, masterclasses and unique experiences. 

Creative Conglomerate

One76 offers a range of creative outlets – from digital arts courses in photography, music and marketing to purpose-built studios in photography, music and podcasting. 

Endless Possibilities

A space for opportunities, where the sky’s the limit. One76 is for opening up the door to collaborations, industry connections and valuable content that you can’t find online. 

Experts in the Field

Our trainers are masters in their trade, focused on throwing out the rule book and teaching hands-on, no-frills courses that you can apply instantly – not years later.