At One76 Academy, our calling is to share the knowledge of industry professionals, so you can leave our courses with the most relevant skills. We see it as our duty to provide the Digital Arts Industry with fresh creatives, who have been mentored by the best the industry has to offer.

One76 Academy inspires creative thinking in industries where these skills are a prerequisite. We provide the opportunity and ability to acquire relevant creative skills while you collaborate with the Digital Art Industry’s leading masterminds to gain functional experience.

We encourage our students to challenge conformity and become their own pioneers of change to enable the creative mind. As a student of One76 Academy, your specialist mentoring is delivered by creatives for creatives. You will discover how to think both technically and creatively, allowing you to develop a unique and innovative persona.

Our Academy is a pooled collective of fresh creative minds ready for moulding, and highly-experienced digital arts mentors who have a cognitive connection to a modern working creative industry.

One76 Academy are the new kids on the block with a wealth of Digital Arts experience behind them. One76 is a dedicated digital arts academy with a focus on real-world, practical, hands-on experience in digital sound design training, as well as courses across film (including cinematography and distribution), photography, Live Music Production, Podcasting and Digital Video Editing, as well as providing leading-edge Globally-Recognised Digital Marketing training, and much more.


One76 Academy is one of just 120 Ableton Certified Training Centres in the world, and one of only 8 in Australia. Teaching dedicated Ableton specific courses for beginners and pros, with the aim to better your performance in both studio and live settings, One76 Academy Gold Coast also offers a range of DAW and technical audio production training. Our sound design courses are headed up by Ableton Certified Trainer, Tyler Solleder, who has been an Ableton educator since 2003.

Our courses not only cover all aspects of Ableton software, music production, mixing and mastering, but also show you how to market yourself when you are done. Offering a brand/profile marketing element to each course, we ensure you leave our courses with the knowledge and experience to boost your online presence, sell music, and get people to your live shows. After all, that’s why you’re reading this now, right?



Everyone who works at One76 Academy actively works in digital art industries.


Working professionals from each industry sector carefully curate our training strategies.


With training materials reviewed monthly, you can rest assured that the training received is as current as possible, and aligned with the most recent technology updates.


With your highest achievable results as the end game, we push the limits of excellence with uniquely innovative methodology.


We do things differently. Non-conformists are pioneers of change. Why conform when you can rebel and thrive.


We transform your deepest creative aspirations into knowledge and understanding that allows you to become a highly-skilled professional in your chosen field.

Kera Whewell - Producer

Tyler is an excellent Ableton Live Trainer. He shares his wealth of knowledge in a easy to learn simple way. Attending his classes have not only helped me to better understand Ableton Live but have also helped me to grow as a producer.

Realms - Producer

I studied Electronic Music Production with Tyler at the end of 2017, finally taking a lifelong dream seriously enough to prioritise and focus on it. I couldn’t have wished for a greater teacher, Tyler is highly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in using + teaching Ableton. I highly value Tyler’s advice and feedback, and I 100% recommend learning with Tyler wherever you are at with music production, he has much to offer.

Lewie JPD

“When I was first introduced to Ableton through classes with Tyler, I knew nothing about electronic music apart from dragging loops into Garageband. Cut to four years later and I now dive deep into Ableton five days a week and have tracks released on all major platforms. I have no doubt that Tyler’s vast knowledge, coupled with a relaxed and patient teaching style are a big contributing factor to my blissful Ableton experiences and productive output. As a teacher and mentor, he has been invaluable to my creative journey.

Sheiksphere - Producer

Tyler’s knowledge has assisted me in many of my projects. His creative teaching methods allow for my innovation to shine.