One76 Academy


We’re free from the red tape, giving our students the open space to create without the boring and lengthy lectures. Learn the ropes, advance your skills or master the art; our courses and workshops are tailored to suit all stages. With access to our studios and equipment, our students get a hands-on experience throughout the entire learning journey.

Unconventional Learning
At One76 the goal is to avoid the fluff and get to the good stuff – teaching the essentials and opening students up to real-life experience in the industry, collaborations & worthwhile take-home content that they can use on the spot – not years later.

Personalised Classes
Every course is limited in numbers to ensure a high-quality, one-on-one learning experience for every student.

Specialist Trainers
Our trainers are experts in their field and bring their own course material to the table. Ensuring the most relevant content and giving our students practical experience to hit the ground running.

Ready to explore your creative potential? Join us.