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Private Lesson

Ableton Live Basics

2 hours

One76, Burleigh Heads

Are you a DJ wanting to make your own tracks from scratch or a bedroom creator looking to make music like your favourite artists?

Get a head start on your music production mastery with a 2 hour private lesson focusing on electronic music production fundamentals and mixing basics.

Learn core production concepts & Ableton Live workflows such as:

  • Song Structure
  • Essential Elements
  • Session View
  • Arrangement View
  • Track Controls
  • Working with Clips
  • Working with Audio
  • Working with MIDI
  • Navigation
  • Editing
  • Saving & Exporting Projects


  • Songwriters who want to learn to create music from home
  • Bedroom creators looking to improve their music skills
  • DJs who want to start creating their own tracks
  • Anyone wanting to learn music production