Digital Music

Ableton Live Essentials

Trained By Tyler Solleder

Enrolments Open

$1,295 + GST

4 Weeks Part-Time

This course will focus on the core Ableton Live concepts and workflows, electronic music production fundamentals and mixing basics all within Ableton Live 10 Suite. The course will explore sound design, sampling, synthesis, melody, harmony, arranging, mixing and mastering whilst creating a simple piece of music. This course is designed to provide a solid working knowledge of Ableton Live and a strong foundation for deeper music production.

Students must be proficient with everyday computing skills such as file management, opening, saving, backing up, navigation, and basic troubleshooting. Having your own computer is not essential, but if you’d prefer to use your own, let us know.

Options to purchase Ableton Live and Ableton Push at discount rates apply for all One76 Academy Digital Music students.




  • Choosing the right gear for your needs
  • Setting up audio interfaces
  • Setting MIDI controllers
  • Performance optimisation and session settings


  • Working with Live Sets and Projects
  • Saving, sharing and archiving projects 
  • Understanding and working with the Session and Arrangement Views
  • Session View
  • Track controls
  • Working with Clips
  • Working with Scenes
  • Capturing & Organising ideas
  • Arrangement View
  • Track controls
  • Navigation
  • Capturing ideas from Session view
  • Audio Tracks vs. MIDI Tracks
  • Working with MIDI
  • Recording
  • Piano roll
  • Editing
  • Clip properties
  • Working with Audio
  • Recording
  • Warping
  • Editing
  • Clip properties
  • Loading and Saving Presets
  • Signal flow and routing


  • Gain staging 
  • Panning
  • Return Tracks
  • Basic Signal Processing
  • FX Overview
  • Insert effects
  • Reverb 
  • Echo & Delay
  • Compressor


  • Image – Brand Image for Artists
  • Identifying your unique offering
  • Positioning
  • Authenticity
  • Communication – how to communicate your brand/image
  • The right tools for the message (not the tools but how you use them)
  • Utilising social media for exposure
  • Facebook Instagram Snapchat TikTok Youtube Soundcloud
  • Consistency
  • Social/Audience Engagement


  • Songwriters who want to learn to create music from home
  • Bedroom Creators looking to increase their music skills
  • DJs who want to start creating their own tracks
  • Creatives seeking highly-relevant training
  • Anyone wanting to learn music production
  • Anyone wanting to learn Ableton Live
  • Anyone who ever thought 'I wish I knew how to do that' when watching their favourite artists perform
  • Anyone in the music industry who wants to upskill