Digital Music

Effects Processing & Mixing In Ableton Live

Trained By Tyler Solleder

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6 Weeks Part-Time

As an advanced Ableton Live User, you have learned and used the basics, and know how to create tracks, build your own samples, and use synthesizers daily. This course aims to teach the more technical elements of Ableton Live, like Mixing, Mastering, and Effects Processing.

This course is recommended to those who have used Ableton for at least a year, and have intermediate to advanced skills. Prerequisites for this course require you to have successfully completed Ableton Live 10 Essentials, Deconstructed in Ableton Live 10, Synthesis & Sampling In Ableton Live 10 courses.

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This course aims to teach the more technical elements of Ableton Live, like Mixing, Mastering, and Effects Processing. Mastering audio is an artform that home producers and professionals alike wish to learn. This course delves into advances in technology that allow home recording studios and professional studios to mix and master music at a far more affordable rate than ever before. This course is aimed at advanced Ableton users, and covers intensive effects processing, mixing and mastering methods, software, plugins and more. The course will also look at other DAW and how plugins work.


  • A/Bing your Mix
  • Mixing your Kick
  • EQ Any Sound
  • Multiband EQ Sidechain
  • Drum Buss
  • Rules for Sub Bass
  • Mixing with Width
  • Mixing Sub Bass
  • Simplifying Your Mix
  • Final Mix Down Tips and Plugins
  • Export Your Mix for Master


  • What is Mastering
  • Ableton Master Chain
  • Creating a Master
  • Mastering Chains
  • Avoid common mixing errors and psycho-acoustic traps
  • Prepare your Ableton Session for a great mixing workflow
  • Use EQ to make room and properly place elements
  • Utilize compressors to add or remove dynamics
  • Use saturation & distortion to add upper harmonics to the mix
  • Properly split your bass freqencies for sub-separation
  • Identify the right song-part to start mixing
  • Mix with Ableton stock plugins
  • Mix instruments, drums and bass with EQ, compression, etc
  • Correctly use groups, send effects and audio while mixing
  • Master the fundamentals and theories of sound perception


Throughout the duration of this course, students will create, process, mix and master a track with a radio/release-ready product as the end result. The advanced methods in this course will require dedication at a professional level and will result in a skillset ready to enter any professional studio and start work.


  • Experienced Ableton Users
  • Previous One76 Academy students who meet the course criteria
  • Creatives who are ready to take on the next level
  • Ableton Users who want to learn how to process effectively.