Digital Music

Deconstructed In Ableton Live

Trained By Tyler Solleder

Enrolments Open

$2,195.00 +gst

5 Weeks – Part-Time

This course will focus on Intermediate-level Ableton Live concepts and workflows, intermediate electronic music production fundamentals and mixing all within Ableton Live 10 Suite.

Deconstructed delves into the practical theory behind how music tracks are created in Ableton Live, by deconstructing popular songs to see how each track, each instrument, each sample and each single note are created and used in the process.

From birth, Deconstruction is a fundamental element in the way we learn. Once you understand the essentials, the next level of learning is understanding the construction. Deconstructed in Ableton Live uses these understandings to allow you to create through deconstruction.

This course is designed to provide a solid working knowledge of Ableton Live, Musicality and track construction/deconstruction. It provides the required knowledge to advance your foundations to the next level, towards becoming a music production professional.

COURSE BEGINS JANUARY 2021 – Limited Placements Available. Click HERE to lock in your place. Book before December 1st and get 20% off.



  • Intermediate-Level Ableton Live concepts and workflows
  • Electronic music production fundamentals
  • Deconstructing popular songs in Ableton to help understand structure
  • Track Construction/Deconstruction


  • Using deconstructed tracks in Ableton to understand:
    • How samples work
    • How Instruments Work
    • Use of MIDI controllers in tracks
    • Note-for-note Breakdown of songs
    • The Anatomy of a Beat
    • The Anatomy of a Song
    • Reference Track Deconstruction & Analysis
    • Understand the elements that make music work
    • Finding the balance between repetition and variation
    • Creating the framework to build a track


  • Previous students of Ableton Live Essentials Course looking to advance
  • Songwriters who want to learn to create music from home
  • Ableton users who want to expand their skillset in DAW
  • Ableton users who want to learn the technical side to song creation