Digital Music

Synthesis & Sampling In Ableton Live

Trained By Tyler Solleder

Enrolments Open

$2195.00 +gst

6 Weeks Part-Time

Synthesis Inside & Out:
This portion of the course is a complete guide on how to synthesise your own sounds from scratch using a range of synthesis types including Subtractive, Frequency Modulation, Wavetable and Granular synthesis methods. Synthesisers covered include Ableton Live’s Analog, Operator, Wavetable and Granulator devices.

Samples Inside & Out:
This portion of the course is a complete guide to Sampling, starting from its roots all the way to more intermediate and advanced Sampling techniques and sound design using Ableton’s Simpler and Sampler.

COURSE BEGINS FEBRUARY 2021 – Limited Placements Available. Click HERE to lock in your place. 


  • Building blocks of a synthesiser
  • Synthesis Methods
    • Subtractive
    • FM – Frequency Modulation
    • Wavetable
    • Granular
  • How to synthesis 
    • Drums & Percussion
    • Basses
    • Leads
    • Chords and Stabs
    • Pads and Atmospheres


  • History of Samplers
  • Working with Simpler
    • Global Controls
    • Modulation
      • Envelopes
      • LFOs
    • Modes
      • Classic
      • 1-Shot
      • Slice
    • Filters
  • Working with Sampler


  • Previous students of One76 Ableton Live Courses looking to create your own unique sound
  • Music producers looking to take creativity to the next level
  • Ableton users who want to expand their skillset in advanced methods
  • Ableton users who want to learn the technical side to song creation