One76 Artist Interview with Life Is A Myth

We invited Liam, better known by his stage name Life Is A Myth, into the One76 studio this week. He shared some of his incredible stories and industry insights with the One76 crew in a short interview with Straalen, one of One76’s Studio Managers.

Straalen: “How long have you been making music?”
Liam: “I probably started coming up with my own musical ideas 10 years ago, which correlates to around the time I started learning how to improvise on piano (being my primary instrument). However in the last 5-6 years, I’ve really gone hard self-educating on the recording process and how to turn a musical idea into a whole, finished, digestible piece of music that is a song.”

Straalen: “What’s the craziest or most wild gig you’ve done?”
Liam: “Earlier this year I was in Sweden doing some solo gigs but was also playing bass in a jazz orchestra for big university events, one such event involved a lineup of 12 bands (each band with 15-30 members) and everyone was drinking all day, dressed up, and the place was wildly chaotic, people switching costumes, and shenanigans happening everywhere in this 16th-century building. The highlight was the revelation of one band’s signature, inflatable 4 metre tall penis that flailed around on stage to a crazy rendition of “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book! Haha, the Swedes know how to party!”

LifeIsAMyth with SVLT and Straalen

Straalen: “What’s the worst gig you’ve ever had?”
Liam: “Have definitely played to empty rooms in RSL clubs before which on paper isn’t that great, but when you’re playing music in a band with mates you just have to turn it into your own fun.”

Straalen: “What advice would you give our younger readers that want to enter the music world?”
Liam: “Be open to learning as much as you can handle about everything!”

Straalen: “What’s the hardest thing to accept or deal with in this industry?”
Liam: “One always has to accept the insane, high flying, evolving, and rapidly changing nature of the music industry, especially as we plunge deeper into the 21st Century. It will always be a game staying on top of new technology and new innovative ways of getting our music out into the world!”

Straalen: “Has mixing and recording your own music helped you as an artist?”
Liam: “100%! Learning how to record my ideas, layering textures and sounds to create something sonically interesting, is an endeavour I’ll be working on for the rest of my life! There are endless amounts to learn and apply to my own songwriting, so yeah, for me, recording/mixing and mastering my own music is integral to my creative process.”

Follow Life Is A Myth on Instagram, and check out his debut EP “Lounge Lurkin” out now on Spotify.


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