Our Professionals

Tyler Solleder

Sound Designer, Music Producer, Audio Engineer

19 years’ industry experience

One76 Academy’s Head of Sound Design and Music Production is an Ableton expert, educator, artist and musician.

Tyler Solleder is a music producer, sound designer, live performer, artist and experienced educator. Ableton Live has been at the forefront of Tyler’s work since 2001.

Captivated by sound from an early age, Tyler has spent a lifetime searching for and exploring new sonic colours. Deeply inspired by nature, he thrives on converging natural organic sounds and instruments with a vast assemblage of technology to create a distinctive sound.

An accomplished artist, Tyler’s interactive art installations have featured at Splendour in the Grass, SXSW, Sydney’s Chinese New Year celebrations and Joondalup Festival.

His latest project ‘Fromfire’ is a Nordic influenced electronic music act with Swedish singer Biarka which blends more traditional Scandinavian and Celtic folk styles with contemporary electronic music.

Tyler has been educating creatives in Ableton Live since 2003. A talented mentor with a unique perspective, you can expect Tyler to push the limits of your creativity, accelerate your learning potential and inspire you to create new sounds and audio experiences.

Redefining creative education, Tyler brings excellence, passion and incredible value to every course he designs.

A multi-instrumentalist, Tyler’s unique sound combines Sequential synths, Elektron music machines, Eurorack modular, Maschine, Push 2, Baritone and 7-string guitars, as well as a growing list of gadgets and instruments he’s designed and built himself.


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